Our Team is structured to provide out-of-the box thinking with tried-and-true management skills. Our staff has proven track records in the property management industry. We're on the cusp of new property management trends, new technologies and new ways to effectively reach maximum return on your investment, effectively and creatively.

Our team is comprised of top performing Asset Managers, Property Managers, Marketing Professionals, Construction Managers and Maintenance personnel with a combined experience.

Meet our strategy team

Cassie Norcutt

Construction Manager- Acting Partner

Ken Barjam

Managing Partner

US Property Consultants


Accounting & Finance MBA- Texas A&M.

Dillard Stone

CFO- Acting Partner

Our team is comprised of a wide-range of backgrounds.

Whether your perspective is institutional or entrepreneurial, we will develop a strategy that will ensure a multi-faceted range of options for improving the performance of your asset.

Ken has been in the Real Estate industry for over 40 years. Over the last 30 years Ken has worked for the top 25 Management Companies in the United States. His experience includes Portfolio Management ranging from 3,500 units up to 13,000 units, from individual entrepreneurs to Pension Funds.

Property types include Garden Style, Mid Rise, High Rise and Marina Properties. Ken is currently the Managing Partner at US property Consultants.

Ilma Rosado

Director of Property Management- Acting Partner

Ilma is an action-oriented and results driven professional with over 15 years of experience in property managements. She started her career as an associate with Cornerstone Property Management Group quickly acquiring the knowledge and skillset to progress with Walker Holder Residential., LLC. Ilma has a proven track record of providing exceptional daily administrative duties which include lease negotiations, general reporting, tracking and accounting to all clients at every level. Her responsibilities also currently include managing and overseeing not only general maintenance, but also; total residential rehabilitation. Her efficiency for each clients's needs provides company leverage for a quick turn-around with impressive property improvements and maximized capital gain.